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On-Line Yoga Classes

All Levels Yoga
June Online Live Class
Tuesdays 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.

The All Levels online class is taught to accommodate varying levels of ability to move and breath in a balanced and functional way for you. Strengthen core muscles, become more flexible in those tight places, move stress and tension out of your body and mind, and increase overall balance.

Restorative poses are taught at the end of each class for relaxation and renewal.

June Classes
All levels are welcome

The parts that make the whole

Through this series of classes, each one explores all the parts that ultimately creates a holistic understanding for each weekly theme. This includes how to stabilize, where to mobilize, and how the breath assists in these actions and helps to focus the mind. Each weekly class builds on one another as an integral part of the sun salutation flow as our last class in honor of the Summer Solstice.

Each class is complete within itself so if drop in is best for your schedule that works too. All levels of ability are welcome.

June 2 - Spread Your Wings

Explore the relationship between the arms, chest, upper back and neck to create maximum mobility and strength in your upper body.

June 9 - Secrets of a Good Dog

Downward facing dog is one of yoga's most popular poses, but it actually is a very complex action that requires both strength and flexibility to achieve.
Learn the secrets to finding freedom in your dog.

June 16 - Calm and Alert Warrior

Set your stance from the bottom up in the warrior poses to build confidence, balance and awareness in your body and mind.

June 23 - Salute to the Sun

In honor of the Summer Solstice come embrace the flow of this classic sequence of movement with the breath. We will break down and put back together the sun salutation in a playful exploration.

$10 for each class
Buy as many and as few as you would like.

To participate you will need a computer, ipad, or smart phone and a free downloadable app to Zoom.

For more specific info about connecting with and using Zoom video conferencing, click HERE
*If you are intimidated by being on video for yoga class you do have the option to participate without the video feature on, but you will still see the teacher.

On line payment available through PayPal which allows you to pay using your PayPal account or a credit card.

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