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Check Back Again

lauron's workshopLooking Back

Lauron Ray from Yoga Northwest in Bellingham offered an excellent summer workshop focusing on Healing Awareness and Backcare. We had a full house at beautiful Down Dog studio on Lopez and the heat of the summer helping to warm our muscles and our hearts. Lauron went in depth during the evening class on the importance of restorative poses for healing. We focused more on the upper back and shoulders by lying over rolled blankets to open up the chest and release the shoulders. There were several other restorative poses as well that led us into a wonderful session of pranayama to help us have a good nights sleep.

Refreshed the next morning, Lauron took us through several sequences to open up the hips and lower back. Again we started slow, helping the body to relax and open up to the practice and then moved into standing poses with an emphasis on alignment in the legs to free up the lower back. There were many demonstrations and student examples of different situations that we deal with. Lauron offered us several helpful yogic tools to overcome our various ailments. This was Lauron's third annual trip teaching Anahata Yoga Circle's summer workshop on Lopez. We look forward to having him back in the Summer of 2013 for more yogic insight along with his humor and personable style to teaching.

Here are what some participants had to say about the workshop:
"The workshop was helpful for back care, and also for helping my hip which has been problematic lately. Lauron is very knowledgeable and a good teacher with a sense of humor, and it would be great to have him back next year." Linda, Lopez Wa

"I thought Lauron’s workshop was excellent! This is the third workshop of his that I have attended and have benefited from each one, taking home ideas to aid my home practice each time. This workshop was particularly good in that he worked with participants with differing backgrounds and experience and yet he seemed to offer something for everyone. He presented his information in an easy to follow format and was open to questions. It more than fulfilled my expectations. I enjoyed the focus on some apparently “simple” poses with attention to refining both our understanding of the purpose of each one and also to the ways we could work intensively as well. Lauron presented his information with good humor while providing in-depth practice. I was very pleased!" Donna, Lopez WA


The Women's Kayaking and Yoga Retreat
on September 4, 5 and 6, 2009
was a wonderful experience and adventure. 

The retreat was conducted by Cascadia Kayaks and Anahata Circle Teachers.  

The Three day, 2 night retreat included daily yoga along with exploration of the beautiful San Juan Islands by Kayak.Cost of Retreat was all inclusive (kayaks, camping gear, food, instruction provided)

Felicity Green and Llewellyne Arden took the group through a transformative, self exploratory yoga retreat. Felicity is a senior Iyengar yoga teacher who brought wisdom and
depth of knowledge in pranayama (breathing practice), yoga philosophy andguidance in how to live a healthy and balanced life. Llewellyne offered a special asana series for kayaking, pranayama and chanting. Together, they performed a ritual to help them to commit to more aware living, allowing them to let go of attitudes that create discomfort or difficulties in their lives. All levels were welcome.

Heidi Hernandez guided the group by kayak through the ancient Salish Sea waterways, from Lopez Island to Jones Island. They spent the weekend together on Jones Island, learning through paddling and yoga. Heidi is co-owner and guide for Cascadia Kayak Tours located on Lopez Island, WA.


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